Is talking back as a teen good for your future?

A recent study has found that teens who talk back to their parents are better prepared to face peer pressure and are better communicators.

The study, published in the journal Child Development , found that teens who argued calmly and persuasively with their parents were 40 percent more likely to say "no" when pressured into risky behaviors like drinking and doing drugs.

The communication skill also followed the teens into their adult relationships, helping then be more calm and persuasive with their peers.

The teens who aren't allowed to argue with their parents were more likely to give in when offered drugs and alcohol.

In an NPR interview Joseph P. Allen, lead psychologist of the study, said that the best thing parents can do to help their teens argue more effectively is to listen to them.

The study found that parents who listened to their children were rewarded with children who listened back.

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