Is it a cold or fall allergies?

As it gets colder outside, we tend to get more colds and sniffles.

But there might be another reason you have that congestion and cough. 

When the leaves turn and fall to the ground, allergies can make a comeback.

Dr. Melissa Denham, with Patient First says, "In the spring you're going to see more of your pollens, grasses, molds but now ragweed is the big one."  

It's easy to mistake fall allergies for a cold because the symptoms are similar.

Dr. Denham says, "You're going to have congestion, coughing, sneezing, some of the ways you can tell the difference is if you have a fever, it's probably a cold, allergies don't typically have a fever. Colds last anywhere from 3 days to 10 days whereas allergies might last weeks to months."  

And with the kids back in school being exposed to more germs, it can be a double whammie. 

Dr. Denham says, "We see a lot of viruses this time of year when kids go back to school so some people end up having both, it's hard to tell."   

If your symptoms don't get any better with over the counter meds, it may be time to see the doctor.

The fall allergy season typically ends with the winter's first frost.    

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