HPV vaccine could be recommended for every child

HPV vaccine could be required for boys

A controversial vaccine may soon be urged for every child in this country. It's the HPV vaccine and health officials say it could prevent the HPV virus and throat cancer.

HPV is a common virus, 80 percent of women will have it at some point in their lives. Most of the time it's harmless but in some cases it can cause cervical cancer. Health officials also say it can also cause something totally unexpected throat cancer.

More than 8,000 HPV positive head and neck cancers have been diagnosed this year.

Health experts think men are getting it from women spreading the virus through oral sex or other forms of close contact.

The vaccine against HPV is affective but controversial. Despite recommendations, less than 50 percent of girls will get it.

The Center for Disease Control is expected to weigh in on the topic trying to figure out if it should also be recommended for boys.


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