How to stop snoring:Cures and remedies

New treatments help prevent snoring

You know it can be annoying to share a bed with someone who snores but relief could be on the way for those who struggle with Sleep Apnea and of course the loved ones that sleep with them.

Most people with Sleep Apnea use the CPAP mask. Now there's another option, it's called Provent.

Here's how it works, a patch fits over the nose and two small plugs go into each nostril, creating just enough air pressure to keep the airways open at night.

The CPAP, pushes air into the nasal passages, making it easier to breathe.

While it works very well, more than half the patients who try it stop using it. "The most important reasons I think that people don't use CPAP partly it's the cosmetic part of it and the discomfort of the mask is another reason", says Dr. Joe Golish.

Provent has its drawbacks too. It's expensive and not always covered by insurance. It only works about half the time.

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