How to pick the right summer camp for your child

Choosing the right summer camp

Now is the time to start thinking about summer camp for your kids.

There's everything from sports camps to educational camps and everything in-between.  According to Cleveland Clinic, with so many choices -- you should get your child involved in the decision.
"Some parents are wrestling with "is this the right time for my child to go to sleep-away camp?" Some kids can't wait to go to sleep-away camp. Other kids want nothing to do with sleeping over. So, that's a discussion, that's a really serious discussion that parents need to have with their children", said Dr. Elaine Schulte of Cleveland Clinic.
Camps should be clear about what the experience will be like -- so you'll know if your child is in proper health to participate.
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends you send your child to a camp that has written policies and protocols approved by a doctor with training in children's health.
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