How to keep your kids on healthy eating habits during summer break

Getting your kids to stick to healthy eating habits during the summer can be tough.

Just because your kids are out of school and don't have a routine to stick to doesn't mean their eating habits have to suffer as well.

Here are helpful tips on keeping meals and snacks nutritious when the kids are on break.

One way to keep them on track during the summer is to start off each day with a healthy smoothie.

Erin Peisach, Shop Rite's registered dietician says, "You're making sure to get enough protein and calcium in the yogurt and you can do a frozen fruit so you don't have to add any ice and it's a nice refreshing breakfast in the morning."  

When it comes to snacks, Peisach says plan them out ahead of time so you don't consume a lot of empty calories. 

A good way to focus on fruits and veggies is to make it fun for the kids. Peisach says, "You can either take the family go out to the farm for the day, pick your own berries or go to the farmer's market together."   

Or use a food chart to encourage your kids to get a good variety. It also helps to let them pick out and plan meals.

Peisach says, "Assigning a child each night of the week and they get to choose that dinner, plan out the menu, go food shopping, and help with preparation, it gives them responsibility and they're the ones to put it together."   

A homemade pizza topped with veggies is a good way to incorporate healthy foods.

Don't forget to keep your kid well hydrated. Having a water bottle around helps.

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