How to keep kids hydrated during athletic events




Little feet making big splashes.

With the pools still closed in the area Deep Run Creek it's the next big thing.

The Bassford brothers, seven, four and two get to explore, and throw rocks like little boys do.

But the best part is just stomping

A cool thing on a hot day.

"I was just trying to think of something refreshing to do the pools are closed and the creek came to mind...they just love it look at them....they're our boys I can't think of a better combination of than the outdoors a creek and boys." Heather Brassford, the boy's mom says.

The creek is definitely better than being out on a ball field.

The heat on the field in the midday sun is well over 100 and that's the grass part.

A few folks were out running and jogging but by this evening the area will be full of soccer and lacrosse leagues.

There's also baseball going on.

Caroline Mahle's daughter Campbell is a slugger and wouldn't miss her game for anything.

Not even the heat.

So Caroline like most of the baseball moms and dads are loading up on things to keep their younglings cool.

"We have extra water bottles Gatorade we bring water mister bottles washrags that are cold and frozen in freezers."
"When they're not out in the field or batting we bring them to the side our coaches are fabulous for Towsontown they are proactive they go out and check on the kids they don't wait for the kids to come out of the field saying they're tired." Mahle says.

There are plenty of things you know like sunscreen and water breaks and a few things you don't know.

For more helpful tips Cal and Bill Ripken have some great advice for coaches and parents to help keep young athletes cool.

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