How to help your kid stay healthy in school

With the kids back in school, you might have noticed they're bringing home more than just homework. They're also spreading germs.

Dr. Scott Burger with Doctors Express, an urgent care center, typically sees a spike in illnesses this time of year.

The cooler weather is a perfect breeding ground for viruses. Dr. Burger says, "Many of these viruses become active during the cool weather months, but also we spend a lot more of our time inside.

These children are in the classroom from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., windows may or may not be open throughout the day."

The 5 most common viruses school kids get are the cold, the flu, stomach bug, pink eye, and ear infections.

It's because these viruses are highly contagious.

So what can your kid do to stay germ-free?

Dr. Burger says, "You should encourage them to use their own pens, their own notebooks not to be sharing those type of things."

And the most important thing, wash your hands often.

He says, "Absolutely washing your hands very regularly during the day. And just soap and water is adequate. The school doesn't need to have antibacterial soap in the classroom. So if it's not available, it's fine if they're using just good old fashioned soap and water."

When should kids stay home?

If your kid is sick, here's how to know if they should stay home .

Dr. Burger says, "Active pink eye we don't want the children to go to school, where there's a significant amount of discharge coming from the eyes. Any child who has a fever of about 100 or greater. We don't want children to go to school who are aggressively coughing or sneezing because those are the primary mechanisms by which these illnesses are spread."

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