How much sugar is really in your food?

The sugar hiding in everyday foods

Soda and juices are usually loaded with sugar, but a new report shows that's not where most of us are getting the excess sugar in our diets.

Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control say added sugar in processed and prepared foods like breads and cakes are responsible for about two-thirds of the sugar we take in.

"It looks like the increase in added sugars is coming from foods instead of beverages, which has been a shift, especially from a dietitian's standpoint because a lot of times we try to focus on how to decrease added sugars from beverages", said Dr. Laura Jeffers from the Cleveland Clinic.
The scientists behind the study say most of us are taking in all this sugar at home. The report does not apply to kids.
Children and teens still get about 40-percent of their added sugar from drinks.
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