Home remedy tips for your sick child

Parents, when your child is sick, you'll do anything to make them feel better.

More are trying home remedies instead of going for prescriptions or over the counter treatments.

For example: a small amount of baking soda, mixed into your baby's diaper cream, may help protect their skin against diaper rash.

A lot of potential fixes are in your kitchen: honey for a sore throat, oatmeal for chicken pox or oil for cradle cap.

Olive oil is something we all have at home. Doctors say you can put that on the baby's scalp and let it sit there for a little bit of time then use a comb and lightly comb that baby's hair and you will see the scale start to lift off of the baby's head."

Doctors say these are not cures, but little things that may help make your child feel a little more comfortable.

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