'Healthy foods' to avoid

NEW YORK - Low fat, less sugar, most of us think we're probably making healthier choices by picking those items.  Dieticians say not exactly.

For example: low fat peanut butter the fat that is removed is the fat you get from the peanut, which is good for you.

All that's left are extra calories and sugar.

 Another example: lettuce certain kinds are better than others.

"Iceberg lettuce actually has very little nutritional value," said Denis Cole of the Cleveland Clinic.  "It's mostly water, so if you're looking to get good vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, you want to look at darker, greener lettuces.  Like romaine's and spinach and kale and things like that.  So, the darker it is on the salad bar for a lettuce, the more nutrition it has."

Another tip, if your multigrain foods have "enriched wheat flour" in the ingredients list- stay away from it.

Instead look for "whole wheat" or "whole oats" instead.

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