Healthy Eating: 12 foods to add to your diet in 2012

If healthy eating is part of your new year's resolution you will most likely have to change the foods you have in your cupboards and refrigerator.

Try these foods suggested by Kristin Kirkpatrick, a dietician and wellness manager in a Huffington Post article :

Black Garlic- sweeter and less pungent than white garlic and high in antioxidants.

Wasabi- Study says this spicy green paste has properties that inhibit certain cancers.

Sea Vegetables- a great source of iron , may help in the reduction of breast cancer by lowering serum estrogens.

Figs- loaded with fiber, figs helps to keep us fuller longer, meaning we'll eat less throughout the day.

Popcorn- high in fiber, low in calories crunchy and satisfying, considers nature's perfect snack.

Hempseed- high in protein, potassium and magnesium, may help to reduce your risk for heart disease.

Black Eyed Peas - high in B vitamins, fiber and protein, low in fat and completely filling.

Krill Oil - 300mg supplement of krill oil helps to decrease inflammation and arthritic symptoms in cardiac and  arthritis patients.

Canned Salmon - Has lots of omega-3s, calcium, vitamin D and lean protein to keep your heart, brain and bones healthy.

Kale - High in vitamin K, A and C.

Edamame - A great source of protein, a half a cup of edamame has the same amount of protein as four ounces of chicken.

Almond Butter - High in Vitamin E (great for hair and skin). Helps to reduce the risk of diabetes as well as obesity.

Incorporating some of these foods into your diet will help guide you into reaching your 2012 goals