Have you tried 'Miracle Noodles?'

Baltimore - The claims sound appealing.  "Miracle Noodles" are advertised as calorie free, gluten free, carb free and yes, guilt free.  The people who sell them say they fill you up.  Make you feel good about what you're eating and can be a part of a healthy, low-carb, high fiber diet.  But are they truly the miracle they claim to be?

Meet the testers: Renee is a high school coach and Mark is a firefighter.  Both want to eat healthy and lose some weight, and Mark, likes pasta, "I like most pastas, so I'm pretty optimistic on the outcome of the taste."

And then there's Lynn a mother of three who hopes, since the noodles fit well on her Weight Watchers plan, that they'll help keep her fuller, longer, "My hope is that it would keep me from snacking."

The main ingredient is an Asian plant root that has been around longer than any of us and Endocrinologist Gregg Faiman was shocked because he had never heard of the product, "As a substitution for say pasta, they're a nice choice, because they're calorie compared to pasta and no carbohydrate."

At first, all of the testers were a little taken aback by the looks.  Mark said "Little weird, but.. ha ha."

And Lynn's daughter, "Do they look good? No, they look yucky!!!."

The testers did a bit of homework and came up with a way to prepare a dish they think they'd like, following the instructions on the packaging. 

Mark came up with a sauteed chicken and mushrooms in a white wine reduction.  He found the noodles a little difficult to work with, "They're sticking together.. you know like with pasta, you may put a little oil on them to break them up."

Lynn used a Weight Watchers friendly mixture of a little low fat sour cream and Babybel cheese with salt and pepper.

The reactions: "A little rubbery" and "Sort of like eating calamari where it's just a little tougher to eat, but the taste is surprisingly good."

They all agree the noodles deliver on their promise to absorb the flavor of whatever was cooked with it.  

But are they good enough to use as a carb subsititute?  Renee gave the noodles a thumbs up.  Her husband Mark didn't give an up or down and neither did Lynn, who was left with a neutral taste from "Miracle Noodles".


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