Going under the knife more of an option for teens

ABC News: 30% of teens receive plastic surgery

PHOENIZ, AZ - As a parent, how far would you go to protect your child from bullying? Would you let them have plastic surgery?

People have been going under the knife these days to look more like
Hollywood celebrities, and now there's a new trend catching on amongst young people: undergoing surgery to look like characters from "Star Trek" and "Lord of the Rings."

People are now trying to have their ears look like Frodo's. The procedure is called ear pointing or elf ears.

Phoenix, Arizona resident Jordan House had this procedure done, and she says it's a form of expression.

ABC News report that the number of children and teens getting cosmetic procedures done has gone up thirty percent over the last decade and experts say some of those numbers are kids sick of being teased for their appearance.

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