Foods to cut out of your winter diet, and what to replace them with

Many people gain weight during the winter, but it's so cold they aren't excited to get outside for exercise.

The Huffington Post spoke to the owner of a fitness center in New Jersey named Kevin Haag, who had some tips for keeping the weight off in the winter, without having to brave the cold weather.

Haag says simply switching out some of the foods people normally eat, for healthier options, can really prevent winter weight gain.

First, he says, cut fried foods loaded with fat and calories out of your diet.   They have zero nutritional value.

Haag suggests replacing french fries with potatoes baked at home in your oven.

White bread is another food he says people should eliminate.  He suggests replacing white with wheat bread.  It's easier on digestion and packed full of nutrients.

Third, ordering salad is great, but leave off creamy salad dressing and swap it out for vinegar-based dressings.

White rice is another food to avoid just like white bread.  Brown rice has three times the fiber, B vitamins, and should keep you feeling full longer.

Last, avoid sugar and high fructose corn syrup at all costs.  But Haag suggests turning to fruit for your sugar cravings instead of artificial sweeteners.

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