Fathers coping with a child diagnosed with autism

BALTIMORE - April is Autism Awareness month and when talking about the disorder many focus on the kids, treatments, and research to find a reason and maybe a cure. That means sometimes the parents are forgotten about.

Monday on Good Morning Maryland @ 9, former Oriole BJ Surhoff talked about being a father with a child with autism. He especially talked about the challenges for him and his wife with his busy work schedule at the time his son was diagnosed.

To hear more about what Surhoff had to say about his experience and the advice he has for other parents in similar situations, click on the video box to the left of this article. You will also hear how Pathfinders for Autism (an organization co-founded by the Surhoffs) has an upcoming event to help continue their work of providing resources to families with children with autism.

You can also click on the link to the left for more info.

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