Doctors are on verge of developing new drug for diabetes & heart disease

There's new hope for people with diabetes and heart disease, the two most commom diseases in the U.S.

Doctors are developing a promising new drug that could treat both diseases.

Montoya Ortiz could really benefit from this new type of drug. She has both heart disease and diabetes, which means a grueling daily schedule of exercise, counting carbs and calories and timing medications perfectly.

Montoya says, "Some have to be taken at this time, some have to be taken with food, some don't have to be taken with food, and then you get, you know, you read the small print and it says don't take this kind of medication with this kind of medication."   

It's that kind of tedious schedule that keeps some diabetics from taking medications properly. And when they don't, heart disease often follows.

But now, doctors at Ohio State University Medical Center may be on the verge of treating both diabetes and heart disease, with one single drug.

In lab tests, researchers found the drug, known as alogliptin not only lowered blood sugar, but also lowered blood pressure. It cut cholesterol by 30% and inflammation by 50%.

It even cut down on the amount of plaque build up in the arteries.

The drug is being tested in diabetic patients worldwide. The study by Ohio State researchers was recently published in the journal C irculation.

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