Doctor botches breast implant replacement surgery

Dinora Rodriguez feels lucky. She underwent surgery to have her breast implants replaced - but woke up to much more. The surgeon botched her implants causing them to merge together.

To make matters worse, during the same surgery, he decided to operate on dinora's eyes - without her permission. Now, she can no longer close her eyes completely and must care for them constantly.

She says, "I have to deal with these doctors for the rest of my life, and having to put in some medication at night, and it's very uncomfortable for me."

Dr. Steve Teitelbaum didn't perform the surgery, but he's hearing about more stories about botched surgeries. Teitelbaum was able to fix dinora's implants.

He says it's a problem with the system. "It's actually legal. It's legal in this country, as advanced as it is, for a non-board certified plastic surgeon to perform plastic surgery."

Dr. Teitelbaum says part of the problem is once doctors get their medical license, they can practice in any field they choose.

Only four states have tough truth-in-advertising measures on the books, requiring providers to be more transparent about their training. But, there's nothing on a national level.

But the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is taking action. A new campaign is warning patients that, just because someone offers a procedure, doesn't mean they're qualified to perform it.

Experts say before you choose to have any procedure, research the doctor thoroughly.

and ask your plastic surgeon if they are a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and look for the ASPS logo.

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