Do active video games make kids physically active?

A new study finds kids who play active video games, like dancing or bowling, will not necessarily be considered more physically active.

Researchers gave 87 children a game console and either two "active" video games, or two "inactive" games.


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Their activity levels were tracked for 12 weeks. Results show the kids with the active games were no more physically active than the ones with the inactive games.

But researchers say it is a start.

Dr. Susan Joy with the Cleveland Clinic said "I think it's certainly a starting point for a lot of kids who maybe aren't active and maybe don't have any interest in sports in a more traditional setting. But I think you have to take that a step further and teach the children after they play those active video games how important it is to find other things they can do to be more active."

Complete findings are in the journal "Pediatrics."

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