Diet tips to get ready for swimsuit season

It won't be long before you'll find yourself at the beach or the pool.

But will your body be ready for your bathing suit?

Here are some tips to ensure you're bikini ready:

  • Add more vegetables and whole grains to your diet.
  • Also start choosing healthier desserts like a low-fat yogurt topped with berries or granola, instead of ice cream.
  • A quick way to cut calories out of your diet is to skip the high-calorie coffees.

Kristin Kirkpatrick with the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute says, "And we're not talking about the coffee, the black coffee you have at your house, we're talking about the coffee drinks you're stopping for on your way to work that are filled with calories and fat."          

Swap your high-calorie coffees for a low-fat smoothie, instead.

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