Debate over breastfeeding professor in class

There is a new debate going on at American University in DC.

Students are divided on whether it was appropriate for a professor to breast-feed her baby in class.  

Professor Adrienne Pine wrote on a blog that her child was sick and needed to be fed.     

Sophomore Nia McCarthy takes Pine's class and was there when she breast-fed the baby girl.

"She had to finish the class, yeah. She let us know that she was about to, so I wasn't too surprised. I think she handled it in the most professional way that she could."

"I think what's inappropriate is that she brought her child to class in the first place. It's very distracting to a lot of the students."

On a blog post written after Pine was contacted by American's student newspaper, she said she was shocked and annoyed that this would be considered newsworthy.

Pine says she didn't want to cancel the first day of the class because her daughter was sick.

The University says it doesn't have a policy on breast-feeding but it does give new mothers breaks and a private place to pump breast milk.

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