Dealing with migraines in children

Migraines: What a pain!

Migraines aren't limited to adults.

According to Cleveland Clinic, nearly 10% of kids five to 13 years old suffer from migraines. Some of the signs your child may be suffering from a migraine include paleness and rings under their eyes. They may feel queasy.
Migraine triggers in kids include stress, bright lights, and sometimes noise. Medication and sleep will often help, but lifestyle changes may needed.
"When I see a child with significant migraine they're missing a lot of school. They're overusing over-the-counter medicine. I immediately say you need 8 hours of sleep. You need 4-6 glasses of water. And you need a cardio exercise program," according to Dr. David Rothner.
Eliminating caffeine, chocolate, luncheon meats, and aged cheeses is a also good idea.
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