Deadly new superbug resistant to antibiotics

There's a new superbug on the rise. The deadly bacteria is resistant to even the strongest antibiotics and up to half the patients who get it, die from it.

The bacteria is called CRE and it's been detected in 42 states.

Right now, it's only been found in hospitals and nursing homes and it affects people who are already sick.

Healthy people usually don't get CRE, but health officials worry it could still spread to the public.

CRE is a highly contagious superbug that's spread from patient to patient on the hands of health care workers.

The deadly bacteria can cause pneumonia, blood stream infections, and urinary tract infections.

The CDC says patients in the hospital can be proactive.

Always make sure everyone who touches you has washed their hands and if you don't know, ask.

And if you've received any medical care outside the country, tell your doctor so they can run a test.

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