Dancing to lose the weight

This blog is the first entry of several planned to document Kelly Groft's 30-day fitness challenge.

So here I am “40-something” and out of shape, hanging with the fit girls and taking on a 30-day fitness challenge.  I’m trying out “Cize” from BeachBody. I figure when I was in my 20s I loved to dance at clubs, so why not dance to try and lose a little weight.


I can tell you, 100%, that I’m not nearly as coordinated as I used to be, or at least as I thought I used to be.    I tested it out before the 30-day challenge started and boy did I work up a sweat.  I’m so glad I did a test run before the challenge started, because otherwise, I would have been in for the shock of my life!  I’m on day 3 and am taking the beginner route.

This is 30 minutes of dancing.  The first exercise called “Crazy 8s”.  Eight crazy moves, taught one at a time, and repeated until you get the entire routine down.  At the end Shaun T makes you “Cize it up” and you put the routine together to music. 

I am very aware I can’t do this alone and am incredibly excited to do this work out with a fabulous group of women, and some who are friends, some who are strangers who will soon be friends. 

Thankfully my 14-year-old, incredibly fit daughter, who took Hip Hop for 3 years, is joining me on this journey.  The only rule I made with her was “no laughing at mommy” -- unless of course I’m already laughing at myself, then it’s OK. 

Let’s just say there has been a lot of laughter and high-5s when we’re done. 

For the record, she is killing it in these dance moves, which means those dance lessons a few years ago were money well spent.

I would love to have you along for the journey.  I’m prepping food, making shakes and coming up with creative ways to give water some flavor.  I’d love to know what works for you.  Follow me on Twitter @KellyfromABC2

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