Contaminated cantaloupe linked to deadly listeria outbreak

You should take a good look at the fruit you have in your house.

At least 3 people have died and dozens others sickened by a listeria outbreak from contaminated cantaloupe.

The bad cantaloupe is being traced back to Colorado. It was shipped and sold to more than a dozen states across the country.

Not here in Maryland, but to several states close by like Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Health inspectors have traced the listeria contamination to the rocky ford region of Colorado.

So far, 3 people in New Mexico have died and dozens others in several different states sickened.

There has been no official recall and the exact source has not be pinpointed.

But one cantaloupe producer in Colorado has pulled its produce from stores as a precaution.

This is what you should look for. The fruit has one of two stickers that say product of USA, Frontera Produce-Colorado Fresh-Rocky Fords cantaloupe" or Jensen Farms-Sweet Rocky Fords."

If you have one of these cantaloupes, you should toss it out. The CDC says one precaution you can take is washing the cantaloupe's shell and drying it before you eat it.

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