Cleveland Clinic tips for better sleep in 2012

Lots of people resolve to get more sleep in 2012, but saying it and doing it are different things.

Dr. Charles Bae treats patients at Cleveland Clinic's Sleep Disorders Center, and he says if you're hoping to slip in more sleep this year, you have to start by making it a priority.                                        

Dr. Bae says to start by developing a sleep routine, like you would with a child.

He says try to implement things into your routine that will help you turn things off mentally, or distract you from your daily activities.

He also suggests taking a warm bath at the same time every night or reading a book.

Dr. Bae also says to put all of your electronic devices down a half-hour before bedtime.

And last, he says when you're ready for bed, the one thing you should not do is look at the clock.

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