Botox works best for chronic migraines

Wrinkle zapper not best for all headache treatment

Botox does more than just zap wrinkles, it can also help treat chronic migraines.  But if you suffer from other types of headaches, you may need to find another treatment.

New research published in today's Journal of the American Medical Association shows which headaches are treated best with Botox.  The treatment works well for people who suffer from chronic migraines but not for those who have episodic migraines or chronic tension-type headaches.

And even if you have bad migraines, Botox may not always help.

"Botox works for some [migraine] patients, and when it works, it works dramatically well," Dr. Joel Saper, director of the Michigan Headache and Neurological Institute in Ann Arbor, told ABC News. "It does not work for all patients, and it's very difficult to predict who it will work for.

"Remember, this is group data so some patients will have a dramatic benefit and some have no benefit.  Some people will declare [Botox] as a miracle and some people will call it a dud."

Allergan, the makers of Botox, released a statement to ABC News about the research:

"These clinically relevant outcomes are further bolstered by real-world patient experience where treatment with Botox has resulted in headache free days and headache free hours, significantly decreasing the burden of the condition on their day-to-day lives," the statement reads.

People who have chronic migraines experience them more than 15 times a month.  Episodic migraine sufferers have fewer than 15 a month.  Tension-type headaches are more common.  The new findings highlight the importance of getting a correct diagnosis for your headaches.

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