Baltimore woman battles breast cancer not once, but twice.

Key to surviving breast cancer

Baltimore - "Most people don't talk about Breast Cancer."

 Marlene King does because it's personal to her.  Breast cancer has interrupted her life more than once.

 "Life was happy and go lucky and I went on and I had happiness for about two and a half years and then I went back to have a mammogram and they told me that it was showing itself again.  It was back."

 Together King and her husband Eric have battled the disease twice since 2008.  Watching her under-go the chemo he says, may have been worse than her 7 surgeries.

 "She said she felt like she couldn't move.  Her words were she felt like she weighed a thousand pounds.  After two or three weeks after she started to feel better, it was time for another treatment."

 When King was diagnosed again last year she opted for a double mastectomy.

 "It was still very difficult to come to terms with loosing my breast.  I think that's the biggest thing for women."

 "The challenge for me was is she going to pull through this time."

 Eric, the Pastor of St. Matthews New Life United Methodist Church called on his faith, and so far King's tumor is no longer visible.  The couple has since worked as advocates using the Sisters Network and Komen Maryland to reach others.

 "Education is the key to making it through surviving breast cancer or any other disease."

 Marlene King is feeling good.  She and Eric remain optimistic.

 "I do think about it, but I don't want it to consume me.  I don't want it to consume me because I won't think about moving on and doing other things to make myself to keep myself healthy."

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