Background television at home may be harming a child's development

Background tv takes a toll on children

Recent studies have found evidence that too much television is bad for your child's development. Now a new study finds background television may also be a threat.

A new study looked at just how much much background TV kids get. Between the age of eight months and eight years, kids get nearly four hours worth of background television everyday. The study in the journal Pediatrics also found kids with a TV in the bedroom and African Americans also had more exposure.

The study was done using a telephone of survey of 1,454 parents with at least one child between the ages of eight months and 8 years old.

Among the questions parents were asked:how often their TV was on in the background and whether their child had a TV in their room.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under age two not be exposed to any television. To reduce background TV exposure, pediatricians suggest turning off the television when no one is watching and at key points during a child's day such as bedtime and mealtime.

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