Babies have greater risk of developing skin cancer if exposed to too much sun

When it's hot out, we go to the pool. Splashing around keeps us cool, but it's important to remember this heat can still be pretty dangerous for kids and knowing how to stay safe is crucial.

If you have a young one, especially an infant, you'll want to limit sun exposure.

A new study in the July issue of Pediatrics shows being out in the sun can be dangerous for babies and their skin. All that sun exposure could lead to cancer later in life.

That's because infants don't have the protective layers adults do to withstand intense UV rays.

Their sensitive skin has a thin outer layer, making it more prone to skin damage.

If you take your baby to the pool remember it's better to go in the morning when the heat is less intense. You'll want to avoid the mid-day heat between one and six o'clock.

Sunscreen is a must. Be sure to apply it before you leave home about 15 minutes before you go outside. That way it can penetrate the skin and have a full effect.

Put a wide brimmed hat on your baby and make sure it's not dark because it can really heat up the head.

Stay in the shade as much as possible.

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