Are you losing sleep? More women aren't getting enough rest

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? If you're a woman, you might have a problem that typically goes undiagnosed in many women.

You might have sleep apnea.

The symptoms can be different in women, that's why so many don't even know they have it.      

That was the case with Cathy Rossi. She tossed and turned for hours, wasn't able to get good sleep and was constantly exhausted.

It took 6 doctors and 6 months to be diagnosed because she didn't have the typical symptoms of sleep apnea.

For example, women may not snore, which is the trademark red flag in men.

But once Cathy was properly diagnosed, she slept with a c-pap machine, a mask that pumps air through airways keeping them open.

She was able to sleep soundly at night and no longer dealt with the pain of exhaustion.

Here are the symptoms women should look for. At night, you can have irregular breathing or gasping.

During the day, dry mouth, headaches, exhaustion or mood changes.

(Information from ABC's World News Now)

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