4 eating habits to help older women maintain weight loss

Study says weight gain is diet, not metabolism

Older women who want to keep off weight after menopause -- may want to consider four specific eating behaviors.  A new study, looked at both short-term and long-term changes made by nearly 500 overweight or obese women, all in their late 50's.  According to Health Day News, the study found specific eating habits linked with weight loss.  Those who decreased desserts, sugary beverages,cheeses and meats and increased fruits and vegetables did best.

Some older women blame weight gain on a slower metabolism, but the process is more complicated than that. As people age, their amount of muscle declines and their amount of body fat rises, so they burn fewer calories.  It is ultimately not your metabolism speed that determines if you are too heavy, experts say, but the amount you eat and how much activity you get.

The study is published in the September issue of the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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