Healing at Hopkins

A day on the job for a miracle worker

BALTIMORE - Most people dread going to the hospitals, especially the emergency room.  When it's children who are the ones rushed to the E.R., it can be scary for a child and a parent.

Fortunately, Johns Hopkins Children's Center has people like Divna Wheelwright.  She is a child life specialist.  Her job is to communicate and advocate for the child.  Child life specialists are trained professionals with expertise in helping children and their families overcome life's most challenging events.  That can be tough in the E.R. because of factors like age and injury.

"What does this scene look like through the eyes of a child?" Wheelwright explained.  Sometime she uses toys, dolls or demonstrations.
"A lot of times, when I have a child come in who has never had an IV, for example.  I really like to take advantage of prepping them and showing them all the pieces first so when the nurse comes in, it's not a surprise," says Wheelwright.
Not every hospital has a child life specialist, but more and more are hiring them because their contributions are tremendous.
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