Great Pacific Octopus wrestles with divers' camera

CARMEL, Calif. - Not all is as it seems under the sea — as two divers found out during a recent trip off the coast of California.

Warren Murray and David Malvestuto thought they were filming a rock but when it suddenly sprouted arms and latched onto the camera, they realized it was a 20-foot Giant Pacific Octopus.

Murray told the New York Daily News he suspects the octopus grabbed the camera because of the reflections from its lens.

"Generally, they are not too interested in people," he said. "I was thinking he would take off as soon as I got close to it. When he wasn't moving, I was excited."

Experts at the Monterey Bay Aquarium agree — telling KSBW divers are more likely to come across kelp and sea urchins than a curious octopus.

After a few moments of mugging for the camera, the octopus let it go — so Murray and Malvestuto still have the pictures to go with their story.

The video of the encounter was uploaded to YouTube.

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