First legal Spokane weed buyer loses job in puff of smoke

A man's job went up in a puff of smoke after he became the first Spokane resident to legally purchase weed in Washington state.

Security guard Mike Boyer took a day off work and camped outside marijuana retailer Spokane Green Leaf for almost 20 hours just so he could be the first person to legally buy pot in the city.

The 30-year old wasn't quiet about it either, as he allowed TV camera crews to take in the experience with him. Trouble is, Boyer's boss caught wind from all the exposure and called him in for a drug test. 

Of course, the test came up with traces of THC, which is against his employer's drug policy regardless of state legality, so he was fired on the spot. But Boyer said he was more confused than anything.

To learn more about Boyer's reaction and how weed buyers in other Washington cities have fared, watch this Newsy video.

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