UMD ranks high on list of best party schools with decent post-graduation salaries

Best party schools that pay

There are many distinctions given to colleges and universities by the Princeton Review.  The one teens tend to focus on more than their parents is best party school.  While you may think those universities would mean less than stellar academics, there are a few where students can make pretty decent salaries post graduation.

The website Payscale looked at the top 20 party schools ranked by the Princeton Review and compared the average salaries graduates make.  Of the 10 that ranked the highest on Payscale's list, the University of Maryland came in at number four.  It says the average starting salary for a UMD graduate is $49,100 and the average mid-career salary is $87,100.

Other schools that made the top 10 party-schools-that-pay list:  James Madison University, Syracuse University, Penn State and University of Texas.

To see the rankings and average salaries click here .

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