Tips on how to handle the first day of school jitters

CLEVELAND, Oh - The first day of school is fast approaching. It can bring a lot of changes.

It brings a new teacher, new classmates and a new course load.  These are issues that can make kids nervous. How can we help our children start school without stressing out too much?

Psychologist say reassuring your kids is helpful.  Parents should stress the positive.

Parents should talk about things that went well in the past and how exciting it is to meet a new teacher and make new friends.  Parents should share their stressful situations in school and how they handled it.

It helps kids understand that parents are speaking from personal experience.  If first day jitters develop into a recurring theme, parents may need to seek professional help.

"There is always a period of adjustment. I would give them a few days and see how it goes.  Give them a chance to adjust and get used to it.  If they are still having trouble not wanting to go to school, having trouble sleeping or eating then it is probably time to call your doctor," said Dr. Kate Eshleman, Psychologist with the Cleveland Clinic.

Parents can also contact your child's school guidance counselor or psychologist to intervene.

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