The back to school shopping frenzy begins

BALTIMORE - It is "back-to-school" shopping time once again. Families are heading out to the major chain stores to retrieve all of their children's supplies for the school year.

School supplies include everything from erasers, pencils, and markers, to uniforms and laptops. Many teachers are asking for disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer for their classrooms. The list differs from school to school, but the money spent on supplies is universal.

According the U.S. Census Bureau's latest "Facts for Features" publishing, $7.7 billion was spent at family clothing stores in August 2011. Similarly, sales at book stores in August 2011 totaled $2.4 billion, the strongest sales month of the year. The sales are accredited to students and teachers return to the classroom.

Major stores such as Wal-Mart have pages specifically dedicated to "back-to-school" shopping on their websites. The page is sectioned off according to grade level and within the stores they have printed out lists for certain schools. There is also a help page for teachers and their back to school expenses.

Like Wal-Mart, stores are advertising deals because of the upcoming school year. Office supply stores such as Staples and Office Depot have weekly sales where certain items get marked down.

There are specific sales such as "Penny Sales" and "Buy One, Get One." During these times parents with multiple school age children get the chance to rack up.

"As a business owner I get bombarded with advertisement from office supply stores," states Gary Pick, CEO of, a publishing platform for media companies. August is approaching quickly, and businesses are ensuring the best prices in comparison to their competitors.  

Back to school commercials from JcPenny, Old Navy, and Macy's have already hit the airwaves. They display sales on the latest fall fashion, and deals on multiples to restock closets for growing children. Many blogging sites and top retail companies have developed lookbooks for the most trendy clothing in the upcoming year.

If you do not have to buy school supplies for yourself or your children, You can still be a part of the action. Visit Here we have a list of drop off sites for school supplies intended for those in need.


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