Teen co-authors a book on his life in Africa

HUNT VALLEY, Md. - 19-year-old Baruch Talbott and Debby Coughlan are hosting a book signing at Greetings and Readings in Hunt Valley.  They co-authored "In the Middle of the Line," which was released in December.

The book details Talbott's courage and his life as an orphan in Africa.

"Through the process this really help take a lot of things off my mind.  There were times at night when I was not able to sleep because of my past.  I want to remember my past and being able to put it on paper was helpful," said Baruch Talbott, Co-Author.

Talbott offers stories and insights while Coughlan wrote the book.  Talbott told her his memories of his African heritage and Coughlan brought them to life.

It was their dream to write a book and they seized the opportunity to work together after a discussion in a Sunday School class.

"It was incredible because I realized early on that some of the stories he was telling me he had never told before because I would ask what do people think and he would say I have never talked about this particular thing," said Debby Coughlan, Co-Author.

The book tells the story of a young orphan who grew up in the middle of the second Liberian Civil War capturing major moments including unspeakable terror he faced.

At the age of 9, Talbott was adopted by a Maryland family and moved from Liberia to the United States.  Talbott is a Senior at South River High School in Edgewater.

His book provides a message of hope and perseverance in the face of adversity.  He helps his peers deal with loss, neglect or loneliness.

All things he has learned to deal with and survive offering inspiration for others.

"It's been great and also being able to talk to other people about my story and hear adults and teenagers open up and share their stories. It's been great.  It's my goal to inspire other people and have people share their stories as well," said Talbott.

Baruch Talbott plans to attend college and become a Psychologist.  He wants to help others deal with traumatic situations.

You can buy the book at Greetings and Readings, Amazon and Nook at Barnes and Nobles.  The authors are donating a portion of the book's proceeds to educate needy children in Liberia.

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