Sylvan Learning kicks off new instructional system for academic success

ELLICOTT CITY, Md - 7-year-old Yana Vaiman had problems with reading and math.  She wasn't understanding the concepts.

These days she is doing pretty well, thanks to a new instructional tool with Sylvan Learning.  It's called SylvanSync.

"She was struggling a bit at first, but then I realized she is getting it.  She is in the system and she loves it and she feels more confident and that is what I need from her is self confidence," said Natalya Vaiman, mother.

SylvanSync supports students individual learning needs with the help of digital technology like Ipads.  It's teacher led instruction that helps students learn with digital lessons.

"Tools that help support a student engaging in what they are learning help supports connections those click moments with the student and the teacher and also give parent and students information and the insights," said Sara Costello, Sylvan Spokesperson.

The Ipad helps students with digital lessons.  it also connects students, teachers and parents online.  Parents can log on and check out students progress.

"As a mother, I love looking at her progress online.  I like the way its done.  I can check her progress and status every day," said Natalya Vaiman.

Yana is doing much better after a few one on one sessions.

"It's really good.  I really like it.  I understand things better," said 7-year-old Yana Vaiman.

According to Sylvan Learning, 1.5 million ipads are used in educational institutions across the country.

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