Students learn to maneuver in court

Curtis Bay, Md - It's Saturday morning. Class is in session, but it's not your average class.  It's lights, camera, action!  Court is now in session.

It's all part of School Court TV.  This is a mock trial television show and students are the stars.  This youth development program teaches students better leadership, communication and critical thinking skills.

"We are teaching kids how to think outside the box and promote themselves in a positive way," said Victory Mohamed, Host and Producer.

In this show, students are going head to head and it's all on camera.

"What happened in our case was an 8-year-old collided with a 9-year-old. It was part of the after care program so my role is to prove there was no negligence in this case," said Alexis Brown, Student Attorney.

School Court TV allows students to be the attorneys and jurors.  They research cases and develop opening and closing arguments.

"I thought school court would be an excellent opportunity because I am a shy person and it would really bring me out of my comfort zone and also get me thinking on my feet and open minded,"  said Brown.

"It's a lot of fun.  We've learned about projecting your voice, preparing for thinking off the top of your head with closing arguments," said Kelby Parrish, Student Juror.

Local volunteer Attorneys mentor the students.  They teach them skills to win the case.  They also sit in as Judges.

"This is the type of program where children and young adults get involved in the legal system.  They get to see a court trial up front and personal.  They get to participate in it and they get to present a side and it's great for them to see things from the inside out," said Don Discepolo, Attorney.

The program is for kids ages 10 to 18-years-old.  They pick court cases from the internet or real issues affecting teens.

Some students in the program are not interested in a career in law, but the skills they learn will set them on a successful path for any career field.

School Court TV is in its third season.  It airs weekly on Comcast.  Students are selected by auditions.  Students from Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia participate in the program.

Students also have celebrity guests including Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, Harford County Executive David Craig and Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler.


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