Reservoir High School students learn to run a business with Junior Achievement

FULTON, Md. - Students at Reservoir High School in Fulton are busy coming up with strategies for their company.  It's called "RHS Custom Wear."

The company sells customized, eco-friendly glow in the dark wristbands at $2 a piece.  The company is doing well.

"We are really doing it just to increase school unity so we can get people more involved in Reservoir High School.  We want to offer a cheaper way for students to show their school spirit," said Colleen Paraska, President RHS Custom Wear.

Eleven seniors in the Advanced Marketing Class formed the company.  It's part of the Junior Achievement of Central Maryland's High School Program.

The students follow the JA Company Program Curriculum. The mission of Junior Achievement is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in the global economy by bringing the real world into the classroom.

"It's been going very well.  Students are very active.  We have Vice President of Production, Finance plus an Operations Manager.  We operate like a real company," said Debra Dear, Career and Technology Education Teacher.

"It gives the students the skills they need to succeed out there in the real world.  They are getting a taste of how the real world operates at a very young age," said Laree Siddiqui, Junior Achievement of Central Maryland.

RHS Custom Wear offers hands on business experience.  Students do everything from apply for jobs in the company, create a mission statement, company name and sell stock for startup money.

"It's been a great learning experience.  You can tell me there are a lot of ways to do hands on activities in high school, but you can't have hands on business activities until you start a company with your friends and learn how partnerships really develop and how it operates and really running it for yourself," said Brent Sabot, Vice President of Production.

Students market the wristbands through social media and word of mouth.  Junior Achievement helps students embrace the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship.

Students also work with Business mentors in the community to help in the learning process. The concepts taught include: expenses, profit, income, entrepreneurship and marketing.


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