Randallstown High School heads to national competition

RANDALLSTOWN, Md. - A team of  13 students in Mr. Richard Weitkamp's Advanced Placement Government class are preparing for the "We The People" competition. 

"This program helps us understand the way the government works and how the government and the constitution affects our daily lives.  It also gets us to want to participate more in government activities and be more patriotic," said Stephen Flowers, team member.

The Center For Civic Education sponsors the program, but funding is in jeopardy.  Students must come up with $6,000 to compete. They are looking for help from the community.

Randallstown High School won on the district and state level. They are heading to the national level in Washington, DC.  The team is brushing up on the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

During the competition students will craft a four minute speech while answering questions from judges.  The team with the highest score wins.

"We have a great group of kids this year.  They spent a lot of time getting speeches together.  It's been a strong run for us this year," said Weitkamp.

Christina Ilufoye wants to become a lawyer.  This competition is a stepping stone to achieving her dream.

"For Randallstown to actually get a chance to show a positive side to the school academically. It's great and it can open new opportunities for other students that come in after us," said Ilufoye, team member.

Last year the team did not do so well, but this year they expect a change.

"This year I am hoping we get to the top ten, if not win the whole competition.  I feel we have all the qualities we need to win," said Flowers.

The national competition runs Friday April 29th to Monday May 2nd in Washington, DC.  More than 30 million students have participated in the program since it began in 1987.

If you would like to help students with a donation please contact Cheryl Pasteur at Randallstown High School.




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