Push for early identification during Dyslexia Awareness Month

STEVENSON, Md - Students are working on sounds and senses in Cindy Lemieux's class at The Odyssey School.  All in an effort to make sure these little ones are on the right track academically.

"Early identification is key.  We can now look at young students ages three to five and look for warning signs that they may be at risk for reading failure," said Marty Sweeney, Head of School at the Odyssey School.

The Odyssey School focuses on specialized instruction with one on one tutoring and small class sizes.  They also specialize in teaching students with dyslexia and other language based learning difficulties.

"Language is the key to all kinds of learning, whether you are learning science or how to play a soccer game.  You have to be able to master taking in language and understanding what you read," said Sweeney.

The Odyssey School serves students in Kindergarten to eighth grade.  The goal is to prepare them for main stream schools after the eighth grade.

"At my old school they didn't really help me grow skills so I could not read the passages since I came here I blossomed," said Remi Zeigler, eighth grader.

Students and teachers hope during the month of October, Dyslexia Awareness Month, folks can become educated on the subject.

"Even though I have dyslexia, I can still learn the same way as other people and I understand the things you are telling me.  It's just difficult for me to read what you give me," said Zeigler.

The Odyssey School has an enrollment of 151 students with six per class.  The campus is located in Stevenson, Maryland on 42 acres.

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