Psychologist speaks to students and parents at Boys' Latin on male development

Towson, Md - All eyes are on Dr. Michael Thompson during a breakfast discussion at Boys' Latin School of Maryland.  Dr. Thompson is a resident fellow with the Boys' Latin Bauer Institute for Leadership and Personal Growth.

He's talking to 50 middle school fathers about the importance of dads in the lives of sons.

"Dads need to hear that fathering has distinctive elements that is not like mothering.  Fathering brings something to the table and they produce children who are bolder and who are exploratory," said Dr. Michael Thompson, Psychologist an Author.

Dr. Thompson is meeting with students, faculty and parents.  His discussions are based on his recent book on male development.  

Administrators say he can help students academically and grow into great men.

"The most important thing for dads is that they have an essential place in the life of their sons.  What we do at the school is try to support what goes on at home and dads are an important part in that equation as well," said Chris Post, Headmaster of Boys' Latin.

Bill Krulak attended the breakfast. He has two sons in seventh and fourth grades at Boys' Latin.  He says he learned more about his role as a father and insight on his sons.

"Anything is good if it causes you to pause and consider and take inventory of whether what I am doing is enough," said Krulack.

Students explained what role they would like to see their dads have in their education.

"My dad goes to the parent committee.  He also helps out and he definitely supports me," said Emre Yavalar, fifth grade student.

"Fathers need to actually get to know their sons, sit down and talk to them.  If he's having trouble at school or to figure out problems his son is having and try to help him fix it and help him deal with his problems," said Mattias Hanchard, fifth grade student.

Boys' Latin instills core values of courage, integrity and compassion while helping students achieve academic success.

Dr. Thompson's visit helps support the mission.

This is Dr. Thompson's third visit to the Boys' Latin campus.  He's an internationally recognized author and expert on male development.  In 2012, Boy's Latin created the Bauer Institute for Leadership and Personal Development, which brings in Fellows like Dr. Thompson.


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