Programming Language helps a student at the Park School of Baltimore

BALTIMORE - 14-year-old Chance Williams is a student at the Park School of Baltimore and he is doing things a little different.

He learned to program in Java, a programming language for big businesses.

He started a program of independent study, which is in place of your typical foreign language.

"I was not doing well with foreign language.  I was not enjoying it and so my dad suggested it to me. I enjoy it a lot more and I'm learning more," said Chance Williams, student at the Park School of Baltimore.

The Park School of Baltimore is an Independent co-ed non-sectarian school.  It serves 862 students from Kindergarten to 12th grade.  It's known as a progressive school.

Educators noticed Chance's enthusiasm for web programming and decided to pursue that interest within the curriculum of the school with web classes.

"As a progressive school we meet each student at their needs.  This includes presenting opportunities to grow in areas where they show an interest.  Chance shows an interest in web programming and we were able to come up with independent study," said Pete Hilsee, Director of Communications at the Park School of Baltimore.

Jeff Williams is Chance's father.  He's the Chief Executive Officer of Aspect Security, Incorporated.  It's a consulting firm focusing on application security.  He works with Chance on Java.

"I think there is some part of the population that is naturally attracted to technology. Chance showed an interest in it from an early age.  It is something that we need in the country that are really strong in this so I want to encourage it," said Jeff Williams, Chance's father.

Educators say Chance is a driven learner.  He's moving faster than expected and really motivated.  Educators at the Park School of Baltimore say they offer independent study courses on a case by case basis.

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