National Center on Institutions and Alternatives helps students turn their lives around

When teens walk through the doors of the Youth In Transition School in Baltimore County, they bring a lifetime of baggage with them

And as the name says, this school helps at risk youth transition in life from troubled teens to responsible adults. The driving force is to show them they matter 

"I met people that cared and I just decided to be on the right path," Samantha Patterson, a member of the Youth in Transition class of 2014, said.

They had an awards luncheon in preparation for graduation in June on the campus of Goucher College, a location chosen to show the students something that may have been a distant thought can now be reality

“These are just very special days for us when we can take kids who have not a lot of opportunity in life and make a difference in their life and give them hope and training and a chance for a great future," Herb Hoelter, co-found and CEP of the National Center on Institutions and Alternations, said.

Teachers and students were given center stage. For some it was a chance to reflect

"But after I grew I changed a lot. I came far like way far,” Natavia Jones, of the class of 2014, said.

For others, it was a chance to show gratitude.

"I was looking at the people that helped me, the people around me. I thank God that I'm getting ready to get out of school because it’s been long and rough," Devin Smith, also of the class of 2014, said.

The graduation will take place in June. With 24 graduates, it will be the largest class in the school’s history. 

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