Mercy High School students learn about financial literacy

BALTIMORE - Alyssia Essig remembers sitting in the same seats as students at Mercy High School.  On this day, she has a different role.  She is an instructor.

She is teaching students about finances and making good credit choices.  Students are working on a prom budget.

"What I want to do is provide them with a solid foundation of financial awareness and credit awareness so that when they get out on college campuses and they are offered credit cards and they want a new pair of jeans that they are not tempted to go and get a credit card," said Alyssia Essig, Instructor Freddie Macs Credit Smart Program.

The class is part of the Freddie Macs Credit Smart Program.  Alyssia has seen consumers make bad decisions, which hurt them while trying to buy a home.

She teaches students how credit affects their future.

"She has been talking to us recently about credit and getting good credit so we can get some loans to buy a car, buy a house and not to ruin our credit because it's a long time before we can renew credit," said Jillian Packer, Senior at Mercy High School.

Alyssia has taught the class as a volunteer instructor for 11 years.   It's important for Alyssia to educate students about the problems she experienced to keep them on the right financial track.

"I've made almost all the mistakes.  I tell them not to make those mistakes and I teach out of a book.  I ruined my credit.  I spent too much money.  I didn't pay my bills on time because I didn't know any better," said Essig.

The Freddie Macs Credit Smart Course was designed by Freddie Mac to teach consumers about personal finance.  It is taught at Mercy High School in the Senior Seminar.

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