Mercy High School students introduce iPads in the classroom

BALTIMORE, Md. - It's a bright new school year here at Mercy High School in North Baltimore.  The school year brings new innovative technology to help students learn.

This year Freshmen students are using iPads as a learning tool in the classroom.

"They are actually very helpful especially in taking notes in some classes and helping with homework assignments," said Becky Landerkin, Freshman student.

Mercy High School is a Catholic Independent School sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy.  The all girl, college prep high school prides itself on developing self esteem, helping students find a voice and providing an awareness for the world.

Educators say they were looking for a one on one device for students and the iPad 2 was the best choice.

"It will help them in the digital world.  It is learning to access information in a different way.  We believe it will help with group work and networking within the classroom," said Pegeen D'Agostino, Principal of Mercy High School.

Each student bought their own Ipad 2 for school.  Teachers are already looking for different applications to help in the classroom. 

Students use the Ipads in a variety of ways from taking quizzes and accessing teacher power point presentations.

"In World Culture we take notes on it and we can access slides on it so if we can't see the slides that well. We can use the Ipad," said Amanda Green, Freshman student.

"We use different programs for looking at homework. For example with math we can get a worksheet and it is helpful in taking notes," said Landerkin.

The iPad 2 cost about $500.  Students paid for the Ipad 2.  The school also helps students buy applications for the Ipad at a discount rate.


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