Medstar Harbor Hospital and four Cherry Hill schools team up to improve student health

BALTIMORE, Md. - Students at Dr. Carter G. Woodson Elementary/Middle School are getting a lesson in more than just academics.  The Cherry Hill Healthy Schools Healthy Families Program gives students access to health resources. 

The program is in its first year.

"We partnered with Bank of America. The Cherry Hill learning zone to be able to put those resources in the schools to work with children and have access to the parents and the staff that deals with them on a day to day basis," said Dennis Pullin, President Medstar Harbor Hospital.

Calvert Moore is the School Health Resource Coordinator.  She's not a school nurse, but she can assist.

"I want kids to learn that health is important.  They need to focus on the now and not wait until they get older because sometimes it's harder to focus on your health when you get older.  It all starts now," said Calvert Moore, RN,  School Health Resource Coordinator.

The School Health Resource Coordinator teaches in four elementary and middle schools in the Cherry Hill Community focusing on the needs of each individual school.

Moore tackles subjects like hand washing, STD Prevention and self esteem.  She's taking education to a new level.

"Yes, because if it were not for her we would not know what it is.  Some kids out here are just having sex and don't know how they can catch it or what it looks like.  We want to know," said Paulette Flurry, eighth grade student.

Moore has worked in the Cherry Hill Schools for a few months.  She's already Making a Difference.

"It's very important to talk to kids early on about not just STDs, but about abstinence as well so I talk about abstinence and their future and ways to prevent STDs," said Moore.

"For us the benefits are multiple.  It creates better opportunities for our students and gives them a better viewpoint of what life is all about trying to decrease the cycle with our African American females," said Patrick Harris, Principal of Dr. Carter G. Woodson Elementary/Middle School.

Moore grew up in the Cherry Hill community.  She knows first hand what environment students live in.  She's another voice and mentor to help guide students to make the good decisions and keep them on the right track.

Calvert Moore also coaches parents on how to speak to their children about sex and other tough subjects.

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